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hey all you hard drinkin' boys and girls...

I was futzing around after work tonight, trying to come up with some drinks for our cajun/creole themed New Year's menu, and I would like to give y'all the recipes...cuz they're tasty.

Gator-ade (will also be used as a Lord of the Rings movie night drink under the name "Gondor-ade")
2 parts Absolut Mandarin
2 parts Midori melon liqueur
2 parts fresh lime juice.

Shake the bejeezus out of it and serve over ice in a rocks glass. It smells amazingly like Gatorade, but it's a hell of a lot more tart. It hits ya right below the jawline...nice.

The "Prettier than a Peach in a Little Red Wagon" Martini
1 part Stoli Raspberry vodka
1 part Stoli Peach vodka
1 part Chambord raspberry liqueur
1/2 part fresh lime juice (to keep it from being too sweet)
Raspberry coulis (for garnish)

Garnish the martini glass with swirls of the raspberry coulis. Shake all remaining ingredients and pour into martini glass. Start talking like Foghorn Leghorn (optional).

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