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Well, the external drive is formatted and broken up into 3 primary partitions for now (named Tangaroa, Maui, and Pele) and data is being copied back over to it. Doesn't seem to be having any issues...yet *goes to knock on wood -- does a particle-board computer desk count?*

Now all that remains to be seen is if my music got corrupted after switching, you know, 17-18 GB or so back and forth between two drives...and to re-rip some of the CDs I deleted since I was paranoid that I'd run out of space on my internal drive (which I almost did...I was down to 900 MB on a 25 GB drive...sheesh).

And of course go to work this evening, for what will surely be another short-ass shift, since it's a Wednesday, there's no major sports game on, and we're supposed to get another dusting of snow.


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