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Can someone point out to me when i started to distrust and despise the general public? Was it after my experiences at Disney? Was it just recently? And while you're at it, explain why I can't stand my job at the Aquarium, and why I just want to find some other employer so I can give two weeks notice and not have to deal directly with the general population again.

I feel like I'm being stifled at the Shedd...I swear, there's more hoops to jump through there than at Disney. We've got to do some random perfomance evaluation that initially Dan and I were told we didn't have to do. Then, apparently, they changed their minds. They talk about Dan and me like we're supposed to be these saviors of the department, delivering them out of being boring and into the world of engaging the audiences, and simulaneously informing, educating and entertaining. Why then are we being paid $8.19 an hour and pretty much taken for granted, except when the muckety mucks say morale is slipping and place the blame pretty much on our shoulders, or, more specifically, mine?

If I could quit tomorrow, I would...I'd just need a way to come up with $400 a month for rent, plus various other costs of living.

I hate the public. I hate their sheep like mentality, I hate their idiocy, I hate their self-involvement, their failure to pay any attention to what we ask of them, their inability to obey the simplest of instructions, and how everyone is expected to cater and kow tow their every whim. I hate people. I hate my employers. I hate myself, and everyone else. I just want to be a monk somewhere, or something...course then there'd be people wanting to buy the wine I'd be pressing for God, or something like that.

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