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expounding upon my previous post...

Y'know, what really brilliant is that the place they want to drill is called the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, not the "Arctic Strategic Sheep Petroleum Reserve," not the "Arctic National Roadkill Creation Facility," and most definitely not the "Arctic Fraternal Order of Oil-Covered Critters Enthusiasts"

How about, instead of sinking ludicrous sums of money into sinking oil wells into a FUCKING WILDLIFE SANCTUARY, we instead look for ways to dig ourselves out of this Petruleum driven economy we've got on our hands now. Maybe, oh, I dunno, call me crazy, look into biomass fuels, hydrogen fuels...fusion, maybe? Something that's not going to FUCK UP THE PLANET SIX WAYS FROM SUNDAY!

Oh, and if anyone should care to send that first paragraph to metaquotes, you won't hear me complain a bit.

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