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last night, I donated $20 to the Red Cross hurricane relief fund. today I donated $10 to the Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana, who are doing a ton to take care of the critters that've been affected by the spectacular crapfest that Mother Nature threw at the Gulf Coast. I'll probably give more if I can afford it.

Monday I had a "pre-formal interview" interview with the head of HR at the place I'm temping for an Administrative Assistant position that opened up. My manager encouraged me to apply, so I did. I've got the actual formal interview tomorrow. Wish me luck.

It appalls me that the poor suffered a disproportionate amount of damage and harm from Katrina. Why did that happen? Because the evacuation plans seemed to hinge upon having a personal vehicle with which to evacuate. From what I understand, there were practically no public evacuation plans set buses, no trains, nothing to get those who couldn't afford a vehicle the hell out of the city. I've heard up to 20% of the population remained in the city after the "mandatory evacuation" because of this. That statistic disgusts me, and I hope the blood on the hands of those who failed to plan for that contingency never washes off.

Reading all the vitriol that the wacko fundamentalists are spewing about the hurricane makes me wonder if I could successfully market "Do-It-Yourself Rapture kits" to them. Maybe a nice dose of arsenic wrapped up in a heavy hallucinogen. Memo to the lunatic fundies...We don't like the world you want. Those who still have a social conscience (one that hasn't been killed off by the holier-than-thou pills you've swallowed) would rather not live on your own private version of the United States of Jesusland.

I'm off now to try to find a happy place, because otherwise, I'm about to start smashing shit.
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