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it's that time again...

time for thefridayfive...

1. What sport do you most enjoy watching on television (or tolerate most)?

2. If you could be really, really good at one sport (we're talking world elite here), what would it be?

3. Have you ever been active in some form of sports?

4. Would you rather be a computer geek or a sports geek?

5. What teams do you cheer for?

1. I'll watch football occasionally, that's about it, though.
2. Fencing.
3. If by "active" you mean "particapatory," then no.
4. Computer geek. I can actually do something productive with my arcane knowledge that way. Kinda hard to troubleshoot a spreadsheet with Cal Ripken's RBI stats.
5. Da Packers.
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    Okay. Don't mind if I do. You've already seen days 1-4, but here's the whole collection.

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