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from several people...

If someone on your flist quotes Shakespeare today, you must follow suit.

Well, let's see what I can remember off the top of my head...
"The grey eyed morn smiles on the frowning night
checkering the eastern clouds with streaks of light
and fleckled darkness like a drunkard reels
from forth day's path and Titan's fiery wheels.
Now, ere the sun advance his burning eye,
the day to cheer and night's dank dew to dry,
I must upfill this osier cage of ours,
with baleful weeds and precious juicéd flowers.
The earth, that's natures mother, is her tomb,
what is her burying grave, that is her womb;
and from her womb children of diverse kind
we sucking on her natural bosom find:
some with many virtues excellent,
none but for some, and yet all different.
O, mickle is the powerful grace that lies
in plants, herbs, stones and their true qualities
for none so vile that on the earth doth live
but to the earth some special good doth give.
Nor, aught so good but, strained from that fair use,
revolts from true birth, stumbling on abuse."
And so on and so forth for another page or so. Until Romeo enters stage right and gets all "My Buddy" with the holy Franciscan friar.

Friar Lawrence was a talkative fella, no?
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