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New Poem. by me.

So What's the Difference?

Andrew is
My best friend.
He listens, he responds,
He makes me be honest with myself and others,
He keeps me real, he encourages me, he criticizes me (constructively)
He makes me laugh, and he loves me (fraternally, mind you).
I listen to him, I respond,
I offer insight, I keep him honest,
I encourage him, I criticize him (constructively)
I try (often) to make him laugh, and I love him (again, fraternally, though at times it seems to be more).

Renee is
My girlfriend (if it's safe to call her that)
She makes me laugh, she makes me think,
She keeps me real, and in touch with my inner poet.
She listens and responds,
She encourages and sends little fun things to me in the mail.
She loves me.
I make her laugh, I like to think I make her think,
I revel in her inner poet (and am frequently flattered by it)
I listen and respond, assuage and encourage.
I love her.

So, what's the difference between these two?
Is it the strength of the love? The nature of it?
The little games of give and take we have in conversations?
Or is it the person? Andrew is no Ren, Ren no Andrew.
But I love them both. Fiercely.
Hm. Go figure.
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