El chupacabra tomó mis pantalones

el Jesús grande de la mantequilla

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Voice Post:
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“oy...today is going sooo slowly...it is interminable!

yeah, that's all I got, I really just trying out the phone post again after a while.


Transcribed by: conjurdude

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Make ya laugh in 30 seconds or it's free:

Benny Hill in a chef skit, trying to open a can of vegetables by cracking it on the side of a bowl like an egg... The bowl breaks in half. Ren laughs and falls off the couch!

Or, if that didn't work:
"Would someone escort Mrs. Thatcher from the hall please?"

Nice to finally hear your voice. I'm sure we'll meet for real someday.

I see that as likely as you getting some, Sam.


I'm just kidding, by the way. Seh-sleh.

Hey, you have a cool voice. :)

How do you get the auto-player on your voiceposts? Mine don't do that. Do you have to ue MP3 encoding for that?

I dunno...it just auto-magically shows up on LJ like that.

Paid feature, maybe? Not sure.

Voice-posting itself is a paid feature...

oh yeah...kinda forgot about that part...

I think it might be the MP3 compression then? I know that's the format I'm using, so that might be it.

Probaby is. I wonder when they'll do it with .ogg. I use .ogg for the main reason that it differentiates my voiceposts from other files.

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