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something tells me this icon will see a lot of use in the near future...
Ok, so every year, two local radio hosts, (Dave and Carole from WKLH, for those who know Milwaukee) stay on the air for 60 hours raising money for Children's Hospital of Wisconsin. They talk with parents and doctors and basically illustrate how many lives are touched and saved by the crew at CHW. Vaguely emotionally manipulative, but for a good cause.

This year, they've got a new donation thing that they call "Everyday Heroes" where you effectively donate $1 a day, paid monthly.

So I signed up. I told them I'm using my cigarette money. Which, obviously means I'm going to try to quit smoking cold turkey. I've got about a pack left. Which should take me through tomorrow night or into Saturday. And I'm not going to stuff my face and bloat up and totally trash my diet. No sirree.

I'm quitting smoking, dammit.

And I didn't even get anything cool with my Camel Cash.

Ah well.

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I'm so glad to hear that you've decided to quit smoking - power to you! You can do it :DD

I'm a total hypocrite when it comes to smoking. I think it's disgusting about 95% of the time. When I'm hammered, however, I'll gladly bum one. The health benefits alone are reason enough to quit. GOOD LUCK!

Good luck with not smoking. It's going to be rough.

*waves 'Go Chris!' flag*

Good luck! Both my parents used to smoke way back when, so I've seen how tough quitting can be. I'm rooting for you, though!

I don't remember you ever smoking. When did you start? Well, I hope that works out for you but I know you'll feel TONS better when you do!

I started in the fall of 1999...so I've been smoking for about 6 and a half years...

Yeah, time to try to quit, I think. There's a study that shows that if you quit smoking by age 30, you pretty much mitigate any adverse effects on your long term health. So I've got a good reason, I think.

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