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El chupacabra tomó mis pantalones

el Jesús grande de la mantequilla

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posting from work, but for a good reason
sweet sassy molassy
OK, I'm signed up with my company to participate in Briggs and Al's Run and Walk for Children's Hospital of Wisconsin. If you can, please visit the following link to help sponsor me to raise money for Children's Hospital. I'm shooting for a total of $100, and I know with your help out there, I can make it.

My Sponsor Page at FirstGiving.com.

If you can donate, that's fantastic. If you can't, I also accept general well-wishing and cookies statements of support.

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Are you doing the 3 or the 5 mile? (Just curious.)

You need an icon like the one you have but with the phrase "Sweet baby mangoes!" as it has become a minor joke at Casa de Darras.

I'm planning on doing the 5 mile walk

and wasn't "Sweet Baby Mangoes" a Satchel line from "Get Fuzzy?"

No, it was something that you said at Sendik's a couple months ago that made me laugh hysterically... then I found out you were only reading a sign for actual sweet baby mangoes and not just being a goof.

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