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El chupacabra tomó mis pantalones

el Jesús grande de la mantequilla

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way to subvert the will of the people there, Senate!
dubya anti drug
just in case there was any doubt remaining...Joe Lieberman is a horse's ass...

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The thing is, while Connecticut gets progressively wealthier, a good chunk of their wealth is riding on Electric Boat out of Groton and the huge Navy contracts that go with it. The state's income is riding on pipe tobacco, military money and insurance. So in a way, what he's doing is in his home state's best interest financially.

So carcinogenic substances, money grubbing companies that tend to fight tooth and nail to avoid paying out what they're supposed to, and war profiteering...and here I always thought CT was kind of a boring state...

But in another way, Lieberman is screwing over the constituency that reelected him on the supposition that he'd actually behave like a Democrat...fool them...twice...er, can't get fooled again.

Hm. The thing is, they gave him permission to do it. They didn't expect him to act like a democrat.

Ned Lamont ran on an anti-war ticket and won the Democrat primary, knocking Lieberman out of the most recent senatorial race altogether. Lieberman ran as a centrist independent against Lamont, and won the final election, after which he switched back to the Democrats in name.

Regardless, he was elected as an independent and the people of Connecticut chose him over someone who wanted us to get the fuck out of Iraq. The Connecticut constituency didn't get fooled the first time, but he somehow managed to get 'em the second time around.

This would be among the reasons why I moved to Illinois.

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