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the one in which I vent my spleen

is it me, or is all this coverage of the Virginia Tech shooter going about things exactly the wrong way?

You're giving every freak show, "woe is me, fuck the world" loner out there the brilliant idea that if they go out, shoot up a bunch of civilians, and take themselves out, they'll get all the publicity they want to share their heart-wrenching story with everyone with access to a media outlet. Your emo poems suck, and no one is going to think you a brilliant, horribly done-wrong mind except other fuck-wits with more ammo than common sense.

at the same time, you're giving every person who doesn't have any first-hand knowledge or experience with depression the notion that every person suffering from depression is one of the aforementioned freak shows.

And you're not making the much needed point that Baghdad is averaging two Virginia Tech-sized events a day. just Baghdad.

Also, the gun control vs no gun control message glosses over the fact that if everyone was armed, you'd still have probably 80% of the populace who can't aim worth a damn, and taking out light fixtures, cats, passing busses, Santa Claus, Scientologists in yellow vests, and every one BUT the shooter (the original...the bad guy, remember him?). A populace armed for bear is not going to make a more polite society here in's going to drastically reduce the population, because people are going to be blowing others away for trivial shit like going into an express checkout lane with more than 10 items. in a country as dumb as america, this would be a BAAAAAAAAD idea.

So to sum up, reign in the coverage, media, and focus on the crucial elements, not the rabid speculation that everybody and their brother the pundit are offering. Report, but do not hypothesize, speculate or make shit up. Bill O'Reilly does enough of that for all of you.
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