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“Hey LJ, (do you mind if I call you LJ?), uh, I decided I was suddenly motivated enough to go to the gym, so I did. And then as a reward I went and *bought new sandals afterwards! OH!* I, yeah...I figured I would try to go feminine and/or flamboyantly homosexual with that line as I could...but uh, no, I did to to the gym, I did get new sandals, they were cheap, because I, unlike most women and gay men that I know, uh, am not willing to pay exorbitant prices for something that I'm going to walk on. I don't pay that much for any of my clothing, actually, a lot of it comes from thrift stores.

Anyway, I also got some Nibblies; I got a spinach dip that's surprisingly not god-awful for me, who'd've thought? Probably because it doesn't contain anything remotely resembling actual spinach, is my theory...but I'm heading home from Target and I'm going to most likely vegetate for a good portion of the evening and much on my Nibblies. Bye.”

Transcribed by: conjurdude

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