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Wikimemia: Your day in history

From roolet

Go to Wikipedia Category:Months

Find your birthday in the big chart and go to its page. There will be three main sections: Events, Births, and Deaths.

In each section, count bullet points as follows and post the item that corresponds.

Event = the number of letters in your username.
Birth = the number of letters in your first name.
Death = the number of letters in your current last name.

You can count down from the top of the list or up from the bottom, it's your choice - post whichever seems more interesting to you.

Birthday: June 13.
Event: 1893 - Grover Cleveland undergoes secret, successful surgery to remove large, cancerous portion of his jaw; operation not revealed to US public until 1917, nine years after the president's death.
Birth: 1831 - James Clerk Maxwell, Scottish physicist (d. 1879)
Death: 1760 - Antoine Court, French Huguenot minister (b. 1696)

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