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kronk BAM
So, as many of my fellow Disney geeks know, today is EPCOT Center's 25th anniversary.

In honor of this, I'm reposting a link to my Classic EPCOT Center Attraction Glyph wallpaper set at deviantart.com. Perhaps one of these days, I'll go back to the master files and make widescreen and/or multimonitor versions, and improve the compression quality on them, but in the meanwhile, enjoy my fellow EPCOT-heads!


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Tomorrow marks the anniversary of the big press day at the park, or whatever it was that my parents attended, which is where my mom went into labor with me. <3

My mom was probably the first person to puke in the bathrooms in England. YAY MOM! XD

That's the best opening day story ever XD

"Epcot Center-- what people in the 60's thought life would be like in the 80's." --Lisa Simpson :p

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