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all you get is laugher, ridicule, and a trip to the House of Pain...

So, I've been horribly horribly lax in going to the gym for the last two and a half to three weeks or so. In my defense, i've got tennis elbow-y type symptoms in my left arm and my right thigh has some internal muscle that's kinda hurty when i use it too much. But since I've been putting the pudge back on, yesterday and today I've been overcoming my general malaise and lack of energy and dragged my sorry butt over to the gym. Whereupon I've made a most excellent discovery...

Oingo Boingo makes for the best workout music (or chores music, too, I suppose) one can find. Upbeat, silly, kind of ska-like at times, and just generally Eighties-riffic.

And now I'm going to go pop some ibuprofen and see what I can scare up for dinner.
Tags: exercise, gym, music, pain

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