Chris (conjurdude) wrote,

01) Name?: Chris
02) Your Spice girl name would be?: Odd Spice
03) Do you read your Horoscope?: rarely
04) Speaking of which, what is your sign?: Gemini
05) You want to be a rockstar, I can tell. What's your dream band name?: Inner Minister
06) What keeps you all nice and summer fresh?: Deodorant, and Fabreeze
07) What do you use on your locks to keep 'em shiny & smooth?: Whatever seems to work at the moment
08) What keeps your teeth 'Mother of Pearl' -like?: Mentadent
09) Do you fold your socks down or pull 'em up?: just push 'em outta the way
10) Current Hair Color?: Brown
11) Natural Hair Color?: Brown
12) Color of the windows to your soul?: Blue/gray/geen
13) On the Telly, what do you rot your brain with?: Simpsons…funny
14) What do you (Nicely Put) Pollute your ears with?: Whatever I have in Winamp
15) What was the color crayon you always wanted but the other kid took from you in pre-school?: blue
16) Were you ever 'the new kid'?: yeah.
17) School Sucks?: Only if Jack Trahey is teaching it
18) Freak/Prep/Homie/Punk/Goth?: Freak/Geek
19) Ever relate to a song so much you felt it was written for you?: Nope.
20) Who is your celebrity dream bang?: Ummmmm…my mother reads this, you know…Oh, I don't know…let's say Natalie Portman
21) Single/Taken/Or just plain desperate?: Taken
22) Straight/Gay/Bi:? One of the three…guess.
23) Apples/Bananas/Oranges?: Apples.
24) Look in the mirror, I dare you. What do you see?: Fuzzy…
25) Glass Half-Empty or Half-Full?: Um, I ordered a cheeseburger
26) Bleh or Blah?: Bleh!
27) Lefty or Righty?: Righty.
28) Donald Duck's Middle name is?: Fauntleroy
29) Would you eat them in a house? Would you eat them with a mouse?: As long as the mouse doesn't wanna share.
30) Lamest Pick-up Line you have ever heard?: "Wanna practice our math? Let's go back to your place, add some wine, subtract our clothes, divide your legs and multiply…"
31) Do you sing in the shower?: Yesh.
32) What is the square root of 65,536?: 256
33) Favorite day of the Year?: Halloween
34) How old are you?: 22
35) How old do you really want to be?: 25…I can rent a car, and insurance rates go down
36) Can you dig it?: Word…
37) Do you like k00l-Aide?: not anymore…
39) IBM OR MAC: um, Dell?
40) Have your wisdom teeth seen light yet?: Only after they were ripped from my jaw
41) Braces or Perfect Smile?: braces
42) Democrat or Republican?: Middle of the road.
43) Pepperoni or Mushrooms?: Pepperoni
44) Okay or Otay?: Okie.
45) Do you have a 2x4 or a 1x2?: I just have a sheet of particle board…
46) Chopsticks or Fork?: fork
47) Femme Fatale or Vamp?: Femme Fatale…
48) 2 + 2?: same as 2 squared…weird, huh?
49) Favorite Word?: triskaidekaphobia
50) Weirdest Name you've ever heard?: oh, so many to count.
51) Feet the same size?: as far as I know…why, what've you heard?
52) Cassettes or CD's?: CD's.
53) Tear or Cut your envelopes?: Tear.
54) How long can you hula-hoop for?: Haven't seen one in years.
55) Did you know Dave is Awesome?: Dave who?
56) Did you ever eat crayons as a kid?: no.
57) What did you wish for on your last birthday?: a steel drum
58) Do you actually like your name?: more or less…I'd kinda like it to be a little less iambic pentameter-y
59) If you answered no, what would you want as your name?: I always liked Caleb
60) How about your first son?: Andrew
61) What about your first daughter?: hmmmm…lemme get back to you on that…
62) Describe your most embarassing moment?: falling up the stairs in front of 1200 people
63) Do you read Tabloids?: Nope
64) Do you like cotton candy?: blurf…
65) Suffer from PMS?: Not inflicted, thank you.
66) Favorite Breakfast Food?: Granola…no raisins, dang it!
67) First thing you'd do if you won the lottery?: mmmm…electronics…
68) Plain or Poppy?: plain.
69) Apple Pie a la mode or cherry pie a la mode?: Apple
70) Pepsi or coke?: Pepsi.
71) Strawberry, Chocolate, or Vanilla Shake?: Chocolate of course!
72) Favorite Movies?: LotR, Silence of the Lambs, Waking Life, Life as a House, Requiem for a Dream, anything Disney
73) Favorite Actors?: Robin Williams, Sean Connery, Ian McKellan
74) Favorite Actresses?: Ellen Burstyn
75) You are being watched?: I love Big Brother!
75) Cheerios or Corn Flakes?: Cheerios
76) Shave your legs?: Nope. Got monkey legs.
77) Midnight or Mid-day?: Midnight!
78) What is Saki?: a horrible misspelling of a Japanese rice wine
79) Fling or Flick?: Flick
80) If you had to listen to one song on repeat for the rest of your life, it would be?: Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, 4th movement
81) What are you listening to at the present moment?: Grateful Dead covering "Iko Iko"
82) Tootsie roll pops or Blowpops?: um…neither, thanks
83) Do you Snore?: Ooooooh, yes…badly.
84) Do you chew on pens?: nope.
85) Acting class or Class Act?: acting class.
86) WASSSSSSSSSSSUP?: *smack!*
87) "Growl Tiger" makes you think of?: Tony the tiger?
88) .dm'fglkserhngjkqb;" makes you think of?: Kitten on the Keys?
89) Blonde men or Brunette?: Uh, no men.
90) Push or Pull?: Whatever the door tells me to…
91) If a door says pull, do you automatically push?: RTFL! (read the frookin' label!)
92) Do you even read those door things?: yup…otherwise I look like a twit
93) Do spiders scare you?: usually…getting better though
94) What else does?: anything with more than 4 legs
95) Did you know that I was scared as frogs as a kid?: why am I not surprised...
96) What can't you pronounce?: ummmm…not much
97) What was your first word?: no clue whatsoever…ask my mom
98) Your first phrase?: Dang it! See above!
99) Word you over use?: can it be a phrase? "soooooooo…yeah"
100) Favorite Quote?: "This looks like a job for emergency pants!" Sluggy Freelance
101) If you could be anyone, who would you be?: the guy who does the voiceovers for movie trailer…he's making a LOT of money
102) How many licks does it take to get to the tootsie?: You're asking me this?
103) Will the world ever know?: Doubt it.
104) Did you have to go ask owl to find out?: Probably.
105) Would you like fries with that?: Are they curly fries?

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