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Welp, the widescreen ViewSonic flat panel monitor I bought back in March (my IRS refund present to myself) started flipping out...first the image would kind of twitch up and down, then little graphic glitches would appear (pixels flicking off color), then black horizontal lines would appear, and then came the massive graphical glitches. Even when in the system's BIOS, so I knew it wasn't the drivers. It would momentarily resolve when I powered the monitor off and then back on, but it would return. Oh yes, it would return.

So ViewSonic gave me an RMA number, and I've gotta ship that puppy out. Probably not until Monday, though...since the nasty weather's supposed to roll in tomorrow. Dunno yet, though. Maybe. I do have to pay to ship it out, though (good thing I got paid today).

So I'm using my decade-old Gateway 19" CRT monitor...stupid thing. I stole it back from mom's computer, and managed to get the like 15" LCD monitor working again on her machine.

I am geek, hear *shrugs*
Tags: angst, computer, geekery

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