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My heart has joined the Thousand, for my friend stopped running today.

Katrina 1

Kay told me today that Katrina passed away in her sleep last night.

Kay and I adopted Katrina in the summer of 2002 from the Red Door Animal shelter in Chicago. We weren't sure how old she was when her previous owners surrendered her, but the Red Door people thought about 1 year or so, maybe more. I remember when we first met Katrina, she was in isolation because she was being treated for fur mites, but she came running down the hall up to the gate and put her front paws up on it and looked up at us as if to say "Hi!". We went in and sat down with her and she started grooming my shorts. Well, that made the decision easy.

When I moved back up to Wisconsin, Katrina stayed with Kay, but I would periodically pop in to visit when I was down in Chicago. I never got to visit as much as I would've liked, but Katrina always seemed to remember me.

Kay went out today and buried Katrina beside the Chicago River, just as the snow was starting to fall. I think that's a good spot for her.

I'll miss you, little bunny girl.

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