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that's the final page for one chapter, anyway...

many of you may recall the neverending source of tsuris that stemmed from an extraordinarily dumb thing I did back in February of 2003 that precipitated my estrangement from my former friend and roommate. If you don't recall this, just nod and smile and go on to the next entry on your f-list.

Well, said friend appeared on Facebook, and I figured I'd try one last ditch effort to try to make nice. I got a response while I was out of town which says, in effect, "Dude, no. I'm done with you. I was done with you four and a half years ago. Please, move on."

Strangely, I'm okay with this. If nothing else, it gives me a finality that had been missing (but admittedly implied) the last 4 years. And it lets me close the chapter knowing that I apologized every chance I could get and did everything I could to try to resolve things, but there's only so much I can do without any effort from the other party. If my apologies and attempts at reconciliation aren't enough, then there's nothing more I can do. So finally, I'm able to tell myself that I can move on, and that it's OK to move on without beating myself up about this crap anymore.

In other non-psychobabble news, I'm back from Chicago, and I had lots of fun seeing old friends.
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