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I returned today to a website I haven't visited in years...Forgotten New York, and I've been browsing through photos of the original subway station in NYC, and I can't help but wonder something...when did we become content with trading off charm and decor and individuality for utilitarianism and function? I understand the desire to make things like public transportation signage unified, to cut down on confusion, but at what point do we reach the end of simplifying and start in on outright "dumbing down?"

Grumble grumble Back to Russia!

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I think "utilitarianism & function" thing is a product of the "speeding up" of modern life. Charm, decor, & individuality are all well & good, but they take TIME.

Alternately, the answer is money. Standardization is cheaper because things can be mass produced.

That said, it also seems like the things built with "charm, decor, & individuality" are also the things that LAST, the stuff you'll see 20, 30, 50 years down the road...

That's a really interesting site... I've never been there before. Of course, it left me awake an hour longer than I expected to be tonight, but it's worth it. :)

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