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El chupacabra tomó mis pantalones

el Jesús grande de la mantequilla

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i am one with the universe
Ya know, I'm thankful I have insurance, but sometimes it fucking pisses me off.

My employer, in an attempt to save money, changed our coverage this year. Gone are the tiered copays for medical and pharmacy services. Now, we're responsible for the full amount...well the employer chips in $500 toward the $1500 deductible, and we're on Health Savings Accounts.

So i go to get a scrip filled at Costco...their pharmacy isn't bound by the AmEx only rule that the main registers are. However, my HSA card is backed by MasterCard, and even though the little hologram says "DEBIT" it is not a debit card. There is no PIN number. And the Costco pharmacy doesn't take MasterCard.

So I had to pay out of pocket, and now I get to file a reimbursement request. I'd happily pay a copay rather than have to go through all this fucking rigamarole.

And people wonder how anyone can say that the heath care system in this country is broken.

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That's such shit. I don't have insurance at all, and frankly I prefer being uninsured over that... at least this way I don't feel like a tool.

A good portion of it is indeed the fault of insurance companies.

I work in Benefits and I can tell you that an HSA (once you get used to it) really is a good plan. This is especially true if you don't have children and don't really go to the Doctor very often. Just remember, all that money that builds up in your HSA is yours to keep (once they giveth, they cannot taketh away). It is sucky that co-pays are not allowed on an HSA and Costco sucks.

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