El chupacabra tomó mis pantalones

el Jesús grande de la mantequilla

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I came up with a brain-teaser at lunch today...
finest muffins and bagels
How are these words similar? What pattern do they share?

perilously caribou gaseous pericardium aerodynamic

Comment with your thoughts and we'll see how you do.

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west wing? *stock answer*

ya know, they could very well be...but not what I was going for. :)

ahh well, the icons and the mood things misled me.

Well, they're certainly not Welsh.

nope...not a Welsh claret nor a peppermint-flavoured burgundy.

Also not an appellation contrôlée for those keen on regurgitation.

Also not a Monty Python sketch, and there is no trouble down 't mill.

Well, I was gonna go for useless vowels...but I'm not sure about pericardium...

you're on the right track with the vowels, but not quite there.

They each have four out of the five vowels (first one is missing a, second one is missing e, etc).


you got it! bang on the nose!

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