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El chupacabra tomó mis pantalones

el Jesús grande de la mantequilla

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you wanna know what I'm geeking out about right now?
as pathetic and übergeeky as it is...I really dig how clear the font rendering is on this machine...everything is very very crisp and legible.

in other news, we're expecting a big fuck-off snowstorm on Sunday, which will most likely wipe and blow, in that order.

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WI is just getting pounded this winter. We haven't had mentioanble accumulation here in MN for two months.

You have my "geekery" tag. Also, did you hear they're closing the Oceanarium later this year for remodeling? Have fun with your new toy.

I did hear about the Oceanarium (I read the Chicagoist blog)...weird! but it'll be nice to see a refresh there. You'll have to go before they close to get your pengie fix. :)

Oh! Speaking of pengies and Chicagoist, there's was a blurb on there a few days back about a penguin chick that hatched at the Brookfield Zoo that they were striving to make sure didn't imprint on the humans...so they've got a plush penguin in there...and from one of the photos, I swear they've got it rigged to regurgitate fish slurry on command...

On the Mac/LJ front, though, I've been hard pressed to find an LJ client for the Mac as full-featured as Semagic...foo.

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