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I has a time machine!

Well, I has a Time Machine backup hard drive. This latest version of OS X, for the non-Mac geeks on my flist, has a built in backup utility called Time Machine. It backs up every hour for 24 hours, then every day until the drive is full. So since I've got a 500 GB hard drive in the computer, I got a 500 GB hard drive for $20 off at Costco. So it's backing up currently...and nary a glitch or slowdown to be found!

In other news, this week at work just did not seem to want to end. I read "L.A. Confidential" and now I'm re-reading "Something From the Oven" about how cooking and eating in the US has changed since the 50s. I'm also getting some great old ad copy to use for my voiceover demo CD. I've got a great one written about fish sticks and Hunt's tomato ketchup and how busy homemakers and career women love it -- ready in a jiffy! I'm really intending to buckle down on writing copy for this demo, and recording it with GarageBand on the Mac.

Currently the computer's in the basement, but eventually I plan to move it upstairs to my room...I'll need to procure a small computer desk for up there, though. Maybe if I can hold off until the Magical Mystery "Quick! Jump start the economy!" check comes in May I can get a decent one. I also plan to get all the David Allen Stern "Acting With an Accent" sets to get to a good place where I feel i can start getting my dialect coaching service started up (though I'd like it even more if I were dialect coaching in Chicago...more of a demand for it, I'd wager).

Ah any rate, I figured you all deserved more of an update than I've been giving lately. As you can see, this one is only partially regarding my computer!

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