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El chupacabra tomó mis pantalones

el Jesús grande de la mantequilla

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et lux aeterna luceat nobis
went to the gym tonight, did cardio. whoop dee dooo...although this is the first two days straight I've been to the gym in quite a while, so I suppose that's something noteworthy.

I'm feeling a little down tonight, and I can't really put my finger on why...I suspect, though, that loneliness may play a role in it...I don't really socialize with anyone here, not compared to life in Chicago (yes, 5 years later I still very much miss life in Chicago). Mom's out of town, keeping an eye on Grandpa's place up north, making sure the roof didn't cave in from the snow (it didn't), and I'm here with the Mac, some rum, the gym, and my job (listed in order of fondness, I guess).

I was thinking today that I don't hang out with anyone from work, and pondered whether that was by choice or just happenstance, and I decided that i do, in fact, make a conscious effort not to fraternize with coworkers much outside of the office, and that it's most likely traceable to the disaster that was working with my old roommate at the Shedd Aquarium...1. it gets to be friend overload, and 2. the two spheres of free time and work time are, I think, more enjoyable if the overlap is minimized.

So I find I miss the "hey, you busy tonight? let's go grab a burger and a beer" sense of spontaneity that life 100 miles to the south had. And yes, I know we're grown ups now, and spontaneity is harder to juggle with work and girlfriends (or wives, in some cases), but still, my closest friend is 90 miles to the west, another's in LA, and the rest are in Chicago, or scattered to the wind (two in NYC!), and I don't really talk with any of them as much as I'd like. And I miss them all.

and, to top it all off, I'm not certain I got the Latin right in the post title, and we all know how neurotic I am about grammar and spelling (overuse of ellipses notwithstanding).
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We should get together soon. I will even take extra time off to see you if need be. (Then the n00b won't complain about all his weekend shifts, I hope.)

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