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ok, show of hands...where my music geeks at?

I've been getting into good, slow jazz, bass, piano and drums, not minimalistic, but not full of unnecessary elements, either. Oscar Peterson is my fave right now, and Diana Reeves on the "Good Night and Good Luck" soundtrack is in the right ballpark, too. Definitely favoring the smooth and sultry over the impresario chops of Miles Davis at this point.

Any recommendations?

Also, epically failed to go to the gym today, so tomorrow morning, though to make things interesting, we're in business casual at work tomorrow for some reason. so khakis and a collared shirt, I suppose. I would wear one of the French cuff shirts I got for Xmess, but I don't feel much like ironing tonight.

For the remainder of the evening, book, then bed is most likely the plan. Cannot deal with any LJ drâma* tonight.

* - for those of you just joining this episode and not yet acquainted with my Personal Lexicon... drâma: n. unnecessary (frequently interpersonal) drama.
Tags: drama, drâma, meta-lj, music

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