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It's me! It's me! It's me! It's me! It's me, it'smeit'smeit's meeeee! Mememememeeeee! Me.

(Today's subject line comes from a song that Megan Mullally sings in the new-ish "Young Frankenstein" musical)

Today I have busted out the Hawaiian shirts! For I will be attending a birthday party for renface's husband Brice in Germantown. (BTW, renface got totally shafted by her managers and is seriously contemplating finding a new job, so send her positive monkey mojo, won't you, my geeklings?)

Why yes, I have had a fair amount of coffee today, why do you ask?

And now I must go and get a big ol' thingy of water from Sendik' we've almost exhaused all 9 liters of our current one.
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