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El chupacabra tomó mis pantalones

el Jesús grande de la mantequilla

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further updates...what can I say, events warranted.
bunny yay!
So, back from the grocery, put my contacts in for the first time in months (I need new ones and I'm broke, so I've gotta save them for special occasions) and I'm now sitting in front of my Mac for the first time with them in...holy crap, this screen is huge without glasses on! (My glasses tend to make things seem a little smaller...but my brain adapts)

I have another happy update that I forgot to share yesterday. Remember the bunny that needed surgery that I was pimping the fundraiser for here? In the words of Ah-nuld..."It's not a tumor!" It's still serious, but not as bad. The bun had a blood-borne disease of some sort, and it prompted some strange inflammation and scar tissue formation on the eye...leading to glaucoma, and possibly cataracts, but it's not a tumor, so there's no risk of metastasizing into the brain! The eye is pretty much non-functional, but it most likely won't need to be removed. Jessi sends her thanks to everyone that chipped in and sent good karma, as do I. Yay Team Tammy!

I'm off to get ready for the birthday party now. Did I mention that it's snowing? It's not accumulating, but it's snowing. Stupid snow.