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El chupacabra tomó mis pantalones

el Jesús grande de la mantequilla

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kermit spaz
My dear dear friend Tuffet is on TV tomorrow night, on the season finale of "Without A Trace" on CBS. You should all watch. Especially if you're a Nielsen family. And also, within earshot of powerful network executives and casting agents, proclaim loudly how much you enjoyed the performance of that red-haired girl on "Without A Trace" and what was her name, Tuffet? and what an interesting name that is, and that you'll be sure to remember it and you hope she'll be in more things.

Or, you could just watch my friend, Tuffet, on CBS on Thursday night.

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Would you particularly mind if I sat on your friend whilst eating my curds and whey?

I'd find it amusing, but she'd probably be less enthusiastic about the prospect. And also try to thrash me soundly for giggling about it.

Poke my mom on her journal about it. My folks are currently a Nielsen family.

I won't be home, but I will TiVo it.

(Or if I am home, I don't watch live TV anymore, so...)

Sorry I didn't call. I was at Spamalot!

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