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El chupacabra tomó mis pantalones

el Jesús grande de la mantequilla

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on vehicular transportation.
alton, hip to be square
Today, I plunked down a $99 reservation fee (refundable, should the need arise) and reserved myself a Smart fortwo cabriolet. Black. yeeeeees.

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I'm sorry, but I think that's the ugliest car ever.

No, the Aztek was the ugliest car ever. :) And it may not be the prettiest, but it's got great mileage.

....Actually that's true. One of my managers has an Aztek, and I tell him it's ugly all the time.
But I looked it up, it doesn't have that great of mileage! A car that ugly would seriously have to get like 50 miles to a gallon for me to drive it.

I don't mean to bust your balls, really.

it's worth noting, though, that the fuel economy calculation has been changed for model year 2008, and quite drastically at that...by the 2007 calculations, it was 40/45. I saw a VW Passat at Costco that got only 17 city/23 highway under the new system.

It's not on par with a hybrid, by any means, but it won't break the bank to fill up, and I a vehicle I can afford.

Besides, my first car was a Ford Festiva, so I'm used to unusual-looking small cars...

I still think the Scion is the ugliest car ever.

"But it so customizable!"

Yes, a box on wheels would be.

Hmmm.... yeah, that too. The tc (I think it is... the normal-looking one) is very, very pretty, but the other ones, uuuuugh.

What's the MPG on that baby? It's truly what everyone should be driving, what with the oil drying up shortly and all.

under the 2008 EPA calculations, 33 city 41 highway. Compare to, say a VW Passat, with 17 city and 23 highway under 29008 calculations. :)

Treehugger.com also says its a popular one for modifications to make it even more eco-friendly. perhaps in the not so distant future there'll be kits to make it a flex fuel or electric vehicle.

but unusual and interesting...much like myself.

Is my big fat cake-loving ass gonna fit in there or are we gonna have to ride in my car for adventures? :p

Fevers are less fun than they are made out to be.

I could never drive that thing in Dallas. I'd be rolled over and flattened.

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