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El chupacabra tomó mis pantalones

el Jesús grande de la mantequilla

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Good day/bad day/good day!
kermit spaz
So...good day...I got the new job at work! I'm now an Account Coordinator...it's salaried, and it comes with a nice little pay bump! I've been training someone on how to do most of my simple duties for my current job this past couple weeks, so we're going to finish up the transitioning next week. My new pay rate takes effect Monday.

Bad news...my car decided to scare me and refused to start up after I put gas in it this afternoon. I was stuck at the pump until a nice guy from the station helped me move out of the way.

Good news...the car issue turned out to be nothing more than a loose cable on the battery, and was easily (and cheaply!) remedied.

And that brings me to now...WOOOO! THREE DAY WEEKEND! WOOOOOO!
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I have a weird 2 day weekend but not 2 consecutive days... Yes, that's right, I'm off Sat & Mon but not on Sunday.

Yay new job-age!!!!!!

Woohoo! and Woohoo again! And the dancing rat brigade!

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