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my scalp is all slippery

this is because I have applied sunscreen in the expectation of going outside in the remaining daylight hours to try to do some hedge trimming. No, you sickos, I don't mean that as some strange euphemism...I mean we're going to trim back some of the excessive foliage (foilage?) growing around our house. Since I have a shaved head, sun protection is kinda important, dontcha know?

Last night we tried grilling out with our new mini-Weber grill and natural chunk charcoal. The only problem was that we used FAR too little charcoal and wound up having to finish off our turkey burgers in a skillet. Still, they were tasty. We brushed some zucchini and summer squash with olive oil and cracked rosemary, and we used the rest of it on the turkey burgers. That's good eatin'! Today we're planning to try again with the grill and more charcoal and more veggies and beef burgers, but that'll depend on how much we get done on the shrubberies. I'm off to attack them with...a herring!


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