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a couple of open letters.

Dear Hillary,

Thank you for finally realizing what most of us have known for weeks, if not months. You are not the future of the progressive movement, you are the history of the progressive movement.

You've been standing in front of that Magic Eye picture for hours...if you haven't convinced passersby that you are the sailboat by now, odds are pretty good you won't.

While I would have preferred that you had bowed out gracefully several weeks ago, better late than never.




Edited because a very smart person pointed out that I was engaging in the sort of ad hominem attacks that I hate. I'm still irritated at how some of HRC's more insistent supporters are saying that they'll vote for McCain before Obama, because, from my perspective on the more liberal wing of the progressive movement, this seems short sighted and rather cut-off-nose-to-spite-face-ish, but I suppose, were the shoe on the other foot, I could understand where they were coming from. I still would've voted for Hillary in November had it come to that, but my vote would've been for her policies rather than her personality. Ideologically and politically, I'm very much in line with HRC, but the feeling that she was somehow "entitled" to the nomination (whether that was truly her feeling, or just the vibe some of her supporters gave off I don't know) is what soured me to her. I think at this point, she's done more harm to the Democratic ticket than good, and I truly hope she'll try to bring some of her faithful back to the progressive fold. All this is what I tried to say in a pithy way last night, but it came out sounding more pissy that pithy. Sorry about that.

Addendum: After catching up on my political RSS feeds tonight, it looks as though HRC has already actively begun trying to rally her supporters behind Obama. That was much faster than I anticipated. Good on ya, Hillary!
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