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El chupacabra tomó mis pantalones

el Jesús grande de la mantequilla

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Wil Wheaton just made my night...no, not like that, you sickos!
black and white tiki
So, as it happens, Wil Wheaton is on PMOG, as am I. I figured out his username shortly after he posted on his blog that he's on PMOG, and no I won't tell you all what it is, because it's more fun that way it wouldn't be polite, and you'd all swarm him and stuff...

Well, once I figured out it was him, I sent him a crate on the site, and he replied back and every now and then we exchange pleasantries on PMOG, which is hawesome in and of itself...

Well, I dropped a portal on his profile page to Tiki-Ti, that tiki bar in LA that I love so very very much, and I guess he followed it, and once there he found my "Tiki Road Trip on the Information Superhighway" mission, and he loved it, and dropped me a message telling me as much. Apparently, he's been a tiki fan since he was eight and his parents took him to Donn the Beachcomber's.

Wil Wheaton likes my mission! AWESOMESAUCE! \m/ >.< \m/

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Aw, I didn't realize the Don the Beachcomber in Malibu closed. I drove by it so many times in my childhood and never went there. :(

*wonders why I don't have a tiki icon*

Dude. Mission FTW. Geek Cup is yours for the year.

I just signed up to this. This looks cool.

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