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grrrr...there's a reason it's called "Felis *domesticus*" people.

It's bad enough that there's a feral cat that's taken to hanging around my backyard. I don't really like cats at the best of times...and feral cats are one of the reasons the Wisconsin songbird population is declining. Cats are like the NRA hunters that want semiautomatic's not enough to know that they can kill something, they have to demonstrate it by completely decimating it. And then leaving it sit. And then going out and demonstrating again. They kill for sport, one of the few creatures besides man that does.

So I'm already perturbed that the cat's hanging around. the fact that it's accompanied by two feral kittens is just a further irritation. Cuz now i can't quietly loathe the critter and try to chase it away without feeling guilty.

Oh, and momma cat's a tabby, one baby is a bengal or tortoiseshell or something and one is a calico. Momma cat is a tramp, to boot!

So in conclusion...if you absolutely must let your house cats outside for some reason, you had better make damned sure they've been fixed already! We don't need more little baby kitties growing up thinking it's cool to pounce on 38 sparrows in one day and rip the heads off of each one. That's what we have fledgeling serial killers for.
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