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El chupacabra tomó mis pantalones

el Jesús grande de la mantequilla

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Hokay...the Disney Park Audio playlist has been fired up...
poinging toast
I've got lunch in mah belleh, I've got 4 cheese ravioli in the fridge waiting to be boiled and coated with pesto for dinner, I've got pork chops marinating in Jerk sauce to be grilled tomorrow (weather permitting), I've got a new bottle of Appleton V/X rum on the counter for later, I've got some library books that I have to get through, and I've got 29 days until I fly to Florida.

Things are okay right now. :)

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I would say things are looking really good right now.

1. Love the mood icon.
2. Are you on Twitter?
3. If so, would love to have you join the WDWLive group and give us WDW-trip-have-nots some updates while you're there. Only if you were into exercising your bragging rights, of course. ;)

1. Stockard Channing on "The West Wing" was awesome. yay Abby!
2. I am indeed, "strangetikigod" is my handle
3. Joined up, locked and loaded! I dunno how often I'll remember to twit while I'm there, but...

Awesome and thanks. Any bones you could throw the group would be great, but by all means, just have an amazing time!

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