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In the last 2 days...nothing of any great significance happened to me.

I got a new combination floor/reading lamp for my bedroom.
I lost a $10 bill somewhere...I suspect Borders
I bought A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson and Season 1 of "Freakazoid!" at the aforementioned Borders.
I picked up a new 1GB xD memory card for the Florida Excursion.
I got a quartet of Energizer rechargeable NiMH AAs and a charger to power the digital camera. It came with interchangeable faceplates of black, silver and pearlescent white, which I found amusing.
I consumed a ridiculous amount of various caffeinated beverages.

Like I said, nothing of any great significance, but oh well. Could be worse, I could be on fire.
Tags: randomness

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