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OK...last time, I swear!

So, forgot to mention that Saturday the 16th was National Rum I procured a bottle of Gosling's Black Seal Rum...THE rum for making the quintessential Dark and Stormy...rum plus high quality ginger beer. Plus a scoche of lime and/or bitters if you want it.

And of course, I'm drinking it as Tropical Storm Fay decides whether or not she want's to clobber Florida, the night before I'm flying down there...It strikes me as a bit "Nero fiddles as Rome burns" but, who cares, it's rum, and all the projections show that Fay, if she even makes it to hurricane status, will most likely be a Category 1 at, after Katrina, I'm not quite ready to dare the hurricane to do its worst, but based on my extensive meteorological knowledge from my Weather and Climatology class in college, plus my Weather merit badge, I don't think Fay has the capability to be TOO's gonna suck for a lot of people sure, but I don't think we're going to lose another city. That being said, I'm hoping for the best, and sending any good karma I've accrued in life down to the Florida Peninsula, and not just because I'm going to be there in 15 hours...

All this has been a very verbose way of leading up to my statement that this is really and truly most likely going to be my last entry (barring phone posts) until I return on Tuesday the 26th. Toodle pip!
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