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nother questionnaire thingy, shamelessly pilfered from Renny Renny Ren Ren

What would you be?
If I were a_________ I'd want to be a:

Tree: Red Cedar
Flower: Pansy (don't laugh, they're pretty!)
Gemstone: Opal
Element: Air
Direction: East (to the lake)
Texture: neoprene rubber, because it's amusing
Furniture: big comfy armchair that's huge enough and deep enough that you can just pull your legs up and curl up on it
Appliance: blender...mmm...Boat Drinks (thank you, J. Buffet!)
Clothing: a nice black double breasted suit, so I can look like a Mafiosi. :)
Magazine: Popular Science
Tool: level
Body Part: eye
Sound: a really good rumble of thunder ("I'm impending! Oooh! Listen to me impend!")
Color: Pine Green, maybe a sage
Smell: cinnamon
Song: Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, 4th movement
Place: a nice, tranquil forest. with no mosquitoes
Moment: the one instant of complete relaxation before you fall asleep
Art: Ansel Adams-type black and white photography
Cloth: I think a nice, comfy polar fleece or some crisp, white linen
Punishment: time out in the corner, facing a blank, white wall (So many possibilites...meditation optional)
Emotion: Content
Store: Penzey's Spices
Flavor: Ivory Coast Dark Chocolate
Cookie: plain ol' chocolate chip, fresh from the oven
Spice: Chipotle pepper (powdered)
Ice Cream: Espresso Almond Fudge
Main Course: Chicken Kick (chicken, andouille sausage, red peppers, and penne pasta in a spicy alfredo sauce)
Sandwich: Turkey on potato bread with onions, lettuce, tomato, mayo, and maybe a little honey mustard
Candy: do Altoids count?
Beverage: Iced chai or Iced Mocha
Animal: Qannik, the two year old Beluga Whale at the Shedd (he's so cute and smart!)
Day of the Week: Tuesday...currently, it's the beginning of my weekend at work
Holiday: Halloween
TV Character: Niles, from "Frasier"
Classic Movie: guess "Citizen Kane"
Cartoon Character: Buzz Lightyear

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