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El chupacabra tomó mis pantalones

el Jesús grande de la mantequilla

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  • 08:24 Chocolate croissant+15 sec. in the microwave+coffee=crazydelicious. also, good start to the morning. Wonder what S. Jobs has in store today. #
  • 09:49 i want new iPod Touches to drop today at a lower price point, plzkthnx. #
  • 16:45 @wilw I TOLD YOU, NEVER TRUST A MONKEY! The end. #
  • 16:59 A very happy birthday today to my dog, Honey, who turns 18 today (yes, 18 in people years!) #
  • 18:09 despite the utter lack of GPS or camera, or of my new debit card arriving today, I'm still heading out to get an iPod Touch. Thanks, AmEx! #
  • 20:48 @dittrich I swore El Jobso said all were available in stores today... #
  • 21:03 really really REALLY having a suck-tastic week so far. the world can just piss off and die. #
  • 21:52 @dittrich from the press release, "The new iPod Touch is available immediately...through the apple store, apple's retails stores, and..." #
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Hey. What's your Twitter name? I just signed up as CronoBurner.

You've got a new follower. Also, Ren is "renface"

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