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El chupacabra tomó mis pantalones

el Jesús grande de la mantequilla

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  • 07:58 @renface "What do you call it, Moe?" "Music thing." #
  • 09:28 A guy could get used to this "working from home" thing. especially since pants are not required. #
  • 10:44 @meanderingmouse Ike's packing a ton of kinetic energy, plus a big-ass storm surge. Sending mojo to you (and your house). Good luck, buddy! #
  • 11:12 twitpic.com/b81w - #
  • 11:43 First tweet from the iPod Touch. Shiny! #
  • 17:26 @trapped you said you find the iPod Touch to be one of the best ereaders you've used...what app do you read with, and what formats? #
  • 19:05 Playing around with wifi at Alterra Coffee in Grafton #
  • 19:52 ok, the Stanza app for iPod Touch/iPhone is the greatest thing ever. EVAR! #
  • 20:44 @renface but...but...but pie! #
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