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about the shiny new toy...

So I've continued my iPod naming scheme. My first one was TikiPod, the second was TikiPod II: Electric Boogaloo, and now my iPod Touch is TikiPod 3-D. Future names will include TikiPod IV: The Revenge, TikiPod V: This Time It's Personal, TikiPod VI: TikiPod in Outer Space, and TikiPod VII: The Bloodening. Or perhaps not.

But I love it so very very much, and I can see why people have gone gaga over the JesusPhone iPhone. I've been taking it around with me so it can learn all the WiFi hotspots, so I can just connect. It's very spiffy. I do find myself wishing it had the GPS and camera that it's big brother the iPhone has. Those would be nice. But I don't like AT&T, I don't want to pay an early termination fee to Verizon, and I don't earn enough just yet to be able to donate an amount equal to my cell phone bill to the EFF each month to offset AT&T's willingness to wiretap without a warrant.

Regarding Apps, thus far I haven't paid a red cent for anything, I've just been using the free ones. I really like Simplify Media, and the Stanza eBook reader is pretty spiffy, as is the Air Sharing. Oh, and freebird, the virtual lighter for concerts is fun, too.
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