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El chupacabra tomó mis pantalones

el Jesús grande de la mantequilla

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about the shiny new toy...
ralphie squee
So I've continued my iPod naming scheme. My first one was TikiPod, the second was TikiPod II: Electric Boogaloo, and now my iPod Touch is TikiPod 3-D. Future names will include TikiPod IV: The Revenge, TikiPod V: This Time It's Personal, TikiPod VI: TikiPod in Outer Space, and TikiPod VII: The Bloodening. Or perhaps not.

But I love it so very very much, and I can see why people have gone gaga over the JesusPhone iPhone. I've been taking it around with me so it can learn all the WiFi hotspots, so I can just connect. It's very spiffy. I do find myself wishing it had the GPS and camera that it's big brother the iPhone has. Those would be nice. But I don't like AT&T, I don't want to pay an early termination fee to Verizon, and I don't earn enough just yet to be able to donate an amount equal to my cell phone bill to the EFF each month to offset AT&T's willingness to wiretap without a warrant.

Regarding Apps, thus far I haven't paid a red cent for anything, I've just been using the free ones. I really like Simplify Media, and the Stanza eBook reader is pretty spiffy, as is the Air Sharing. Oh, and freebird, the virtual lighter for concerts is fun, too.

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What about Son of Tikipod? Tikipod Strikes Back!

Some other good free apps (these are ones you should be able to use on the Touch):

* Evernote: also has free Win/Mac/Web clients. Like the name says, it's a note app. Only downer is that it doesn't store notes locally. Could be a problem with the Touch.
* Zenbe: a list program. It also syncs with their website, which is nice if you have to crank out a long list. Do it on the web then sync to the Touch. This DOES store locally.
* Facebook: a limited version, but you can update your status if wi-fi is available.
* Twinkle: twitter client. Location-aware on the iPhone, not sure about the Touch.
* Mobile News: AP's little news program. Requires a connection to update the list of stories & download individual stories.
* Sol Free: for your solitaire needs. 4 or 5 different solitaire games
* Exposure: Flickr browser. Net connection required.

I have Evernote installed on my iMac, but I figured without the camera functionality, it's usefulness on the Touch might be limited.
Facebook I've got, and I'm using Twitteriffic for tweets. It, too, is location aware, but since the Touch doesn't have GPS, it relies on known WiFi hotspots to triangulate location. it worked at Alterra, but not at home. Exposure is also installed. Sounds like we're on the same page, pretty much!

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