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El chupacabra tomó mis pantalones

el Jesús grande de la mantequilla

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well, there goes the neighborhood
obama orange
My next door neighbors and their neighbors just put up "McCain" yard signs.

And they seemed like such nice people, too.

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You're in Ozaukee County, dude. Of COURSE they'll have McCain signs.

Yeah, but they didn't for weeks...did they just now decide that they liked his tired, befuddled old guy ways? Cuz if they did, that's just sad.

Are there McCain signs by Toucan Custard? I know how you feel about businesses showing Republican propaganda.

For the record, we were given two Obama signs at work, and the owner did not put them outside because it would alienate people voting for other candidates.

I want to put up a yard sign saying "I wouldn't vote for McSame if I had cancer and he had the cure," but mom wouldn't let me.

Just content yourself with the fact that they'll be disappointed come November.

it is my fervent hope that your statement will prove to be accurate.

I'm sorry... two of our neighbors have Obama signs... Move to Madison. ;)

oh, if only I could afford to...the theatre scene's certainly more vibrant (and easily reached) than here in Ozaukee County.

Wow!! My neighborhood is littered with Obama signs....and I live in Idaho! (Reddest of the red...woot!)

Hopefully, this bodes well.

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