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The plan...not particularly cunning, but should be effective

So. I have a wedding to attend this weekend for my best buddy from college, Andrew. He's getting hitched in South Haven, Michigan, which means I have a fun weekend ahead of me. The plan is currently for me to get up at the buttcrack of dawn (actually, pre-dawn) on Saturday, drive to Kenosha, park and hop on the Metra, take it to the Ravenswood stop in Chicago, get off, meet up with my friend Brandon, whom I'm carpooling with, and leave Chicago by about 10 am to get to South Haven with time to spare before the wedding. I believe the plan is to stay the night in Michigan somewhere, then return to Chicago on Sunday, whereupon I reverse the process and come back to Kenosha and thence to Grafton.

Yes. All of this means that I need to procure a wedding card and wrap the wedding gift tomorrow. What fun!

Fortunately, I'm able to work from home tomorrow, so that should help matters significantly.

Soon, bed.
Tags: friends, road trip, wedding, weekend

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