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El chupacabra tomó mis pantalones

el Jesús grande de la mantequilla

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I am a paranoid bunny daddy.
freaking beaker out
Kiwi was being a little pain in the butt this morning...didn't wanna eat. Normally this freaks me out at the best of times, but as you all know, Saturday morning bright and early I get to head down to Kenosha to catch the Metra to go to Chicago to carpool to Michigan to go to a wedding (at the house that Jack built). And mom's still out of town.

Hence I panic.

Fortunately, I was working from home today, so I effectively took a lunch at 11:00 to drive Kiwi to the vet. His stomach was a little taught and "doughy" as the vet put it, but his temp was good, and by that time he was eating. Vet suggested I try feeding Kiwi "Critical Care" with a syringe (yeah, that'll work...little punk winds up getting it all down his chin) and barring that, offer lots of hay and papaya and pineapple. Well, Kiwi's been a little eating machine all day, I've practically been forcing hay in front of him since noon, and just generally hovering.

And yet I'm still paranoid. You know how some folks dote on their children, or their cats? I'm like that with the bunnies. So even though my mom's aunt will be popping in to check on the buns during the day tomorrow and on Sunday morning, I'm still worried that something will go wrong and Kiwi will take a turn for the worse while I'm on the other side of Lake Michigan.

Speak comfort to me, Friends List! Assuage my jangled nerves! Is there balm in Gilead? Can Tiny Tim yet be saved?

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Though I'm not a bunny mom, my little dog Indy is my life and I almost forfeited a Disney cruise to stay home with him in August. So, I feel you. But, you have to go just go and try not to worry. I follow the motto, "If he's eating, he's ok." ;) I'm sure Kiwi will be completely fine and you can always call your mom's aunt for a status update, right? Have a great time!



I'm not even going to go into the irrationality of extreme worry about a bunny who wasn't in the mood for breakfast.

I also won't plumb the psychological factors behind the overprotective parent mentality - but I won't condone it as healthy, either.

I will say this: the images your mind cooks up of this horrible future are no more accurate than the gamblers who think they're going to strike it big on the next round. And the next.

Drink several cups of green tea, or go buy some theanine supplements and let it/them help you calm the heck down. Then depart without the arrogance to believe that the Great Omniscient Darkness is planning on killing your rabbit while you're gone - or that if said entity, should it exist, would care if you were there or not when the time came.

Anyway, feel free to un-listen to everything I've just said. After all, I'm currently nibbling on anchovies, and therefore certainly can't be trusted.

Edited at 2008-10-05 12:11 am (UTC)

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