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El chupacabra tomó mis pantalones

el Jesús grande de la mantequilla

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hell hath no fury like a rabbit scorned
bunny thppbt
Well, we got the better part of a syringe of a mixture of simethicone (anti-gas), Critical Care (powdered hay and plant matter for feeding) and Petromalt (slicks up her insides to help blockages move) into Lily, following up on one that we gave her an hour earlier. She's strong enough still to demonstrate her displeasure with the procedure, so that's good. Hopefully this will help to keep the mail moving, and ease up on the gas pains she's got. (Rabbits cannot burp or vomit, so pressure builds up in the gut and makes them very uncomfortable)

Here's hoping she starts to improve!

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thanks! she seems to have improved considerably...she's eating if I bring food to her now, so that's good.

she had me worried for a while!

Yeah, sick animals can be very touchy, and it's always hard to tell how bad they are until it's really bad. Glad she's improving.

(Deleted comment)
thanks! she's started eating of her own volition now, so long as I play the part of the waiter and bring it to her. Kiwi's laying next to her keeping her company as she's munching on some timothy hay, so I'm feeling like she's going to be ok...still keeping an eye on the little booger butt, though.

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