El chupacabra tomó mis pantalones

el Jesús grande de la mantequilla

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This week's Friday Random 10
what the deuce?
Gimme Shelter - The Rolling Stones
Yakety Yak - The Coasters
Quartet - Thomas Newman
Foto Vita - Mo' Horizons
Appalachian Spring/Moderato: Coda - Aaron Copland
Draussen - Cast of Der Glöckner von Notre Dame
El Bebe Masoquista - Fatboy Slim
Tupelo Honey - Van Morrison
Korobeiniki - Stars of St. Petersburg
Cutting Branches for a Tempura Temporary Shelter - Penguin Cafe Orchestra

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Either you've gone wacky in naming your PCO music or there's a remix for "Cutting Branches for a Temporary Shelter" with a lot more breading than I'm accustomed to!

The possibility exists that when I, ahem...procured said song, the title got cut off...I shall fix it straight away.

Arigato Gozimas'

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