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In which slight progress is made...

NaNoWriMo word count: 6385

I think I finally found a way to move the action along, and get them out of the current setting.

I went it, against all recommendations in the writing guide, and added a little more detail to things already written, just because I'm a little neurotic about those sorts of things.

I also think I'm better at writing dialogue sometimes than at writing descriptive prose, but I do find things I like and dislike about my handling of both.

Anyway. Still don't have an idea for a title, but I'm thinking right now that I'll be moving the action out of New Orleans, a city with which I have absolutely no firsthand knowledge, and up to Chicago, one that I am far more acquainted with.

I'm still only half as far as I should be, word count-wise, but considering I hadn't touched it since Tuesday, and thus almost doubled my story's length in one day, I think i can forgive myself for now.

Still need to come up with a title, though.
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